Monday, September 7, 2009

A Really Fun Weekend...

I'm back from my vacation to the Nazarene Camp Grounds near where I live.
We had a lot of's what we did:
Friday: we unpacked of course. we stayed in a cottage for rent just for the weekend, then we hung around took a few bike rides and made s'mores at one of our friends campers.
Saturday: We went swimming and took a few more bike rides and then our aunt, uncle and cousin came and stayed until Monday, also one of Abby's friends from the camp she went to earlier this summer came and spent the night at the cottage with us, ten that night they had a teen talent contest that we went to, Abby's other friend played her flute and took second place which was really cool...I didn't do anything except cheer on the participants.
Sunday: we went to church that morning of course, then after church they had a free potluck in the dinning hall, then Abby and my cousin participated in a fishing tournament they didn't win a trophy but they had fun anyway, then we went swimming again :).
Then today ( Monday): there was a kids carnival, my cousin and I and three more friends of ours were a team for a scavenger hunt we didn't win but we finished in 26 min. there was also an olympics which Abby and my Dad took third place in. so that was my weekend. We did a lot of stuff huh. I had SO much fun. :)

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