Monday, February 28, 2011

Momentum 2011!!

This year, like every year since 2009 my youth group and I have gone up North to an Eastern Michigan District Nazarene Competition called Momentum. Its always a blast and our youth group always does incredible.  The whole point of the competition is to use our gifts and talents God has given us for his glory.
I played Amazing Grace on my violin and sang Anyway by Martina McBride with my bestie Bri.
The other teens in our group sang, 3 of them played piano (as you can see by the photos), one of them played guitar (sorry I don't have a photo of him playing) the guys put on a drama  and me and a few other teens performed a STICKS drama. It was a great day!! The next step is the regional Celebrate Life which I believe will be happening in May. Every single one of us in my youth group get to move on to that next level which is amazing!!! I love my youth group!! :D
Here are some of the photos taken at the competition:
Sorry if a few of them are blurry!

Thanks guys for the support of my Dreaming of Spring Giveaway!!
Remember its still going on if you want to enter Here!!
Love you guys!!!! :D
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Trend Alert: Lace Up

Sorry about the misunderstanding of that last post.
For some reason when I had finished creating this collage it automatically posted it here on my blog.
Anywho, here's another post of my Trend Alerts.
I love lace  and its a must-have this Spring. You can find it on just about everything from Tops to Skirts and everything in between. I personally prefer the light pinks my self but, the black lace is lovely just the same!!

Thanks guys, oh and don't forget to enter my giveaway going on right now.
You can just scroll to my previous post or you can click this button. :D

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

MY SECOND GIVEAWAY!!! Come On Over To Enter!!!! :D

Hey guys,
So in honor of the longing for Spring most of us have had for the last couple of days, and the warm weather that is sure to come, here is the giveaway I'm sure you've been waiting for!!
This is my second giveaway and I'd really like this to be the best one EVER!!!
That means I'm really counting on all of you wonderful followers of my blog to get the word out!!
This is gonna be awesome I know it, and you'll love the things I'm giving away!!
I was even debating on whether to keep them or not!
Anywho, I have some photos of the things I will be giving away so just scroll through those and the rest of the rules will be at the bottom:

This necklace I made with a ring I found.
It looks to me almost like an Indian pendant.
These cross earrings that I made recently.
I love how they turned out!!
I hope you all do to!

This flower clip I made!
It reminds me of a tropical vacation, and I just love the feathers!

This notepad and clipboard combo.
I love pattern and colors!

These window or mirror clings.
I love the birdies and colors of these too, very springy!

This adorable stone birdie photo clip.

And last but certainly not least this cute and bright blue butterfly photo clip

Hope you all like what I'm giving away!
There are 7 things in all so that means 7 of you guys will win one of these lovely gifts.
Please tell everyone!! I want this to be a very successful giveaway.
So, here are the rules of the giveaway:

1. You must have permission from your parents if you are under the age of 18.
2. You must live in the U.S.A ( sorry )

How to enter:

1. To enter you MUST follow my blog.
If you do already say you have in a comment.
If you haven't then scroll down my sidebar and find the follow gadget.
Please, one comment for that as well.
For extra entries:

1. Tell me your favorite part of my blog and what you'd like to see more of - 1 entry

2. If you have a facebook follow my blog on there or on bloglovin' if you do not have a facebook - 1 entry

3. Put my giveaway button on your blog sidebar or other online community website - 2 entries

4. Post about my giveaway on your site and comment me the URL of the post so I can see it - 2 entries

 Please post each thing you do in a separate comment for my convenience, it makes it so much easier.

Here is the giveaway blog button to post on your blog:
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Copy this code to your website to display this banner!

This giveaway will run from February 24th - March 10th
Oh, and you can only enter through this post.
So please, only comment your entries at the bottom of this post :D

Thanks so much guys, remember I am really counting on you, the last giveaway I had didn't go very well and I really want to show my appreciation to you guys with a giveaway.
I will have to cancel the giveaway if not more than 15 people enter.
I love you guys :D
Have fun and Good Luck!!! :D
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Ginger Snap...

 I really didn't have a good clever name for this post so I just thought of something cute.
Anywho, I've been meaning to post this outfit for a while because I think its my favorite, what do you guys think? I just love how easy over sized sweaters are to use in an outfit, and they look totally adorable!
I also did this cool thing with my hair. Once I get the hang of it I may put together a little tutorial on how to make it.
Oh, and I have the giveaway all set, I will either post it tonight or tomorrow, so stay tuned.
Enjoy!! Let me know what you think! :D

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Melting Snow....

Here are the photos of all the ice melting I promised you.
I love how these turned out, the sun was just in the right place!
Oh, and remember I told you I was seeing I Am Number 4 yesterday?
Well, I did and it was AMAZING!!!
I totally recommend it if you are the kind of person who likes sci-fi action.
I also posted the trailer for the movie at the bottom just in case you were interested.
Thanks guys, enjoy the photos, and yes the giveaway is almost ready.

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