Monday, February 28, 2011

Momentum 2011!!

This year, like every year since 2009 my youth group and I have gone up North to an Eastern Michigan District Nazarene Competition called Momentum. Its always a blast and our youth group always does incredible.  The whole point of the competition is to use our gifts and talents God has given us for his glory.
I played Amazing Grace on my violin and sang Anyway by Martina McBride with my bestie Bri.
The other teens in our group sang, 3 of them played piano (as you can see by the photos), one of them played guitar (sorry I don't have a photo of him playing) the guys put on a drama  and me and a few other teens performed a STICKS drama. It was a great day!! The next step is the regional Celebrate Life which I believe will be happening in May. Every single one of us in my youth group get to move on to that next level which is amazing!!! I love my youth group!! :D
Here are some of the photos taken at the competition:
Sorry if a few of them are blurry!

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Love you guys!!!! :D
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Sammy said...

:O Look at my hair in the piano one! It is a mess! lol I had a great time time. :) Thanks for posting pictures. :)