Monday, February 7, 2011

Back to December....

 Today I dressed sort of more comfortably and warm.
I absolutely love the color of this sweater and who doesn't love a fun scarf!
Anyway, hope everyone had a good Monday, usually I would complain but, strangely today was perty good.

 Thanks so much guys!!!
It would make my day all the more better if you guys would let me know what you think in a comment!!
Love you guys!!! :D
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1 comment:

Eldarwen said...

Ooh, Cori I love your outfit! That color blue looks beautiful on you. Oh, and the scarf is a perfect touch. ;)

My Monday was... well, a Monday. They're usually not good days for me, as it is the start of a new week, which means chores, schoolwork, going to my job (for the first time of the week) and catching up on the things I didn't do over the weekend. :)