Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Trend Alert: Fun and Frilly!!

Fun and Frills

Fun and Frills by cbwriter15 featuring knit tops

I thought this was a fun idea, and correct me if I'm wrong but, I thought maybe sharing my thoughts on recent fashion trends may enlighten you of my personal style :)
I love bright colors don't get me wrong but, I happen to love this newest trend that seems to be popping up lately.
Super light pinks and nudes I suppose are essential for pre-spring wardrobes.
I love the idea of it, very girly and very frilly.
Two of my favorite things :)
So, you can bet that the next time I go shopping I will probably end up purchasing a frilly top or skirt in this adorable light pink color!!!
Thanks for reading!!!

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Have a good rest of the day!!!

-Cori :D

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Eldarwen said...

Did you make this on Polyvore? I love that website! And that collage is very nice, Cori. :) I'm more of a modern-country-type-of-girl. If that makes sense. ^_^