Sunday, February 6, 2011

Church Youth Group Girl's Only Lock-In!!! :D

Hey everyone, I hope everyone had a good week last week.
I know I did, especially on Friday night/ Saturday morning.
At my Church we had a girls only lock-in with my youth group.
It was a total blast!!! We had soooo much fun, modeling , doing make-overs, watching hairspray and my favorite part trying on a bunch of prom and homecoming dresses a girl who was previously in our youth group brought for us to have fun with. I felt like a was going to a prom with everyone!! All in all it was such a fun night and morning even though I couldn't sleep all night no matter how hard I tried to.
Hope you enjoy these photos of the night courtesy of Sammy

Thanks so much everyone for reading!!!!
If you have time it would be great if you would let me know how you liked this post, and if you noticed I changed my blog around please let me know what you think :D
-Cori :D

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