Saturday, February 12, 2011

Manicures!! :D

This Valentines day ( which is this Monday ) one of my cousins ( Linda ) is getting married and so tomorrow we are all piling into a mini van ( along with our luggage ) and heading 5 hours south to where she's having the ceremony! I'm really excited because I was asked to play Canon in D for the walk down the isle on my violin.
I'm a little nervous but more excited!!
Ok, so on to the manicures.
Since the wedding is on Monday and we're leaving on Sunday, yesterday my mom treated My sister abby and I to Valentine Manicures!!
It was oodles of fun and our nails turned out fabulous.
I had them paint my nails cream with a red heart design on each nail and Abby had them painted dark red with a white heart design :D
Here are some photos my mom took of our manicures.
Enjoy!!! :D

Since, I'll be gone until Tuesday I wont be able to post until Wednesday-ish , so don't miss me too much :D
Thanks guys love ya all :D
Oh, and if you noticed I now have a signature done by Libby at This Design Blog.
If you like it give her and email and she'll make you one for free!!
Bye guys!!!
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Eldarwen said...

Ooh, that looks like so much fun, Cori!! I love ManiPedis. ^_^ Especially manis. ;)