Friday, January 28, 2011

Garden Fresh! :D

Ok, so I sort of just threw together this outfit at the last minute.
I recently purchased this dress at Forever21 but it was a bit too short so my mom and I planned to add some material to the bottom. But, instead I decided to just wear it over these jeggings I had and ta-da!! And of course I had to edit a couple of photos i took this morning!!
Hope you like them!
Enjoy!! :D

Thanks so much for reading!!
Coming up:
An awesome giveaway I'll be hosting in a little bit, so check back often!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

What's Different and A Slumber Party!! :D

Hey everyone,
Ok so not many people commented on what they think is different about my blog :( so I figured i might as well just tell you.....
I changed my blog's name! It is and will be " No Such Thing As Normal"
Its a phrase ( for some reason ) I happen to say a lot and I think it fits very nicely.
I hope you all agree.

Ok so, on another note:
One of my bestest fwends Bri and I had a slumber party last night at her house.
We had a blast last night giving each other blindfolded makeovers, eating junk food, drinking pop, staying up till 1:00 am. and making this HILARIOUS Parody video of Justin Bieber's song Baby.
It looks great but for some reason Bri's computer wont let us upload it but, if we ever get to upload it I will surely share it with you on here.
And now please enjoy these photos of our blind folded makeovers on each other.
CAUTION: these may be disturbing to some viewers ;) lolz

Bri's makeover by me :D

My makeover by Bri :p

Us together :p
Ok so I hope no one was too frightened by those.
It just goes to show you that too much makeup ( done horribly) is NOT a good idea.
Hehe, anyway Thanks so much for reading!
-Cori :D

Friday, January 21, 2011

What's Different??? ;)

Hey Everyone,
Ok so you wont win anything unless you want me to edit a photo for you, but I would like you all to try and guess what's different about my blog.
Its pretty drastic but, I want to see who can guess it right.
If you think you have a good answer let me know in a comment, and like I said I would be happy to edit a photo for you just for fun.
It would be really cool if you all would guess.
Thanks so much :D
Hee Hee ;)


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Photos!! :D

Hey guys,
Sorry its been a while but, I'm making time to tell you about this really cool website I found.
Its called and there you can take any photo you have on your computer or you have uploaded to websites like facebook and edit or create them for free.
Its so fun and the photos look almost professional.
I just wanted to share that with you.
Here are a few photos I've already edited.
Enjoy :D

Thanks! :D

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An AMAZING Giveaway!!

Hey everyone!
Ok so I just have to tell you all about this amazing giveaway Polka Dot from Life's Too Short Not To Where Red Shoes is having!
I mean seriously this girl is giving away 26 prizes ( no joke )
I really hope I win something, everything is adorable!!
Here are a few of things she's giving away:

This necklace is my favorite! Its adorable! :D

Don't forget to hop on over to her blog.
The Blog Button will be on my sidebar if you need it!
Thanks guys!
-Cori :D

Friday, January 7, 2011

Farm Girl Meets The City- First Post of The New Year :D

Hey Guys,
I'm really sorry its been so long, the time just seemed to get away from me, we've been so busy starting off the new year.
I hope you guys can forgive me, Happy New Year by the way :D
I have some pics from New year's Eve but I will post those later when I have enough time.
For now, here's the first post in 2011.
I just love how plaid shirts can multipurpose as a top to complete a farmer girl look or in my case something more like a girl who hasn't worked a day in her life.
And yes I happen to do work myself, just maybe not workin' on a farm or anything like that.
I really like how easily put together this outfit was, yet I love it!
Pants- Forever21
Hope you enjoyed!
Luv you all! Hope you had the best New Year so far :D