Friday, January 7, 2011

Farm Girl Meets The City- First Post of The New Year :D

Hey Guys,
I'm really sorry its been so long, the time just seemed to get away from me, we've been so busy starting off the new year.
I hope you guys can forgive me, Happy New Year by the way :D
I have some pics from New year's Eve but I will post those later when I have enough time.
For now, here's the first post in 2011.
I just love how plaid shirts can multipurpose as a top to complete a farmer girl look or in my case something more like a girl who hasn't worked a day in her life.
And yes I happen to do work myself, just maybe not workin' on a farm or anything like that.
I really like how easily put together this outfit was, yet I love it!
Pants- Forever21
Hope you enjoyed!
Luv you all! Hope you had the best New Year so far :D


samarah said...

cute outfit!! you are gorgeous :)

with love,

Cori said...

Thanks so much, Sweety :D

miss m said...

I like your outfit! Love the necklace.

Holly said...

I love it when you post outfits :)