Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An ADORABLE Kitty Video ( must see )

One of my friends on Facebook posted this video and I just had to find it on youtube and show it to ya'll.
It is incredibly adorable I laughed so hard when I saw it.
Enjoy :)

Thanks fer readin'
-Cori :D

Saturday, June 26, 2010

An Adorable Look For The 4th of July

I found these adorable pieces at ( I luv that store ) and thought they were so cute and so perfect for the 4th of July that I just had to share them with you.
So here they are, aren't they cute.
Let me know what you think in a comment.
Thanks everyone.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Hey everyone,

I just wanted to wish all the dads out there a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!

To my dad: I luv you soo much dad you are the best ever and I'm so glad God gave you the responsibility of being mine. Thank you for all you do and sorry for all the times I haven't done what you'd like. I love you and have a great father's day .

Thanks guys fer readin'
Enjoy the pic of my dad and I :)
-Cori :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

I Luv Slumber Parties!!

Hey everyone,
Ok so last night/early morning I had one of my bestest buddies over for a slumber party.
We watched 2 movies ( Jurassic park and Alice in Wonderland ) had a bunch of candy and went pretty much nuts.
I had so much fun.
We stayed up till 5:00 am which is a first for me cuz I cannot stay up late at all, but I did ( barely ).
Just wanted to share my fun with you.
Anyway thanks fer readin' and check back soon.
Ta ta for now fellow bloggers.

CORI! :) :p

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'd Be Happy to Fill You 1

Hey y'all,
Ok so I would like to share my day with you
This is the first day that I am doing this, if anyone is interested in doing this too than feel free to do it, just make sure you save the pictures to go with your post.
I am going to be doing this anytime I feel like it, do so as you want.
Hope you enjoy my idea..tee hee
Here I goeth:

First my family went to church for the morning service.
My youth group and I got to present a check to our church in front of everyone and guess who was nominated to tell everyone in the congregation about what we had decided to do for God?
Yup, me..haha
I wasn't too nervous about it at first but once I got up there I was a little.
But I made it through with God by my side.
I was really glad to be a part of that.

Second, usually we have church youth group at 6 on Sunday nights but instead we had volunteered to work at a local soup kitchen with our friends at thier church.
I had a really good time and it felt great to serve the people.
They were super nice and I had so much fun.

Third, haven't gotten that far yet..haha but the day is almost over.
For me anyway, I cannot stay up past 10, I crash, then wake up early.
Its awfully weird but i'm cool with it..lolz.

Anyway, thanks for reading, my fellow computer lovers..hee hee
Love your pal,
Cori :D

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A New Blog and Award.

Hey everyone,

Ok so to start out this post I want to let ya'll know that my friend Sammy has created a new blog called Sammy's Reviews. She is a big reader and she is going to review all the ones she reads. So go check it out Click Here Thanks.
My good friend Erin has awarded me on her blog and here is the award:
Thanks so much Erin for awarding me.
Now I shall award some of my own peeps:
Tay of Fearless
The Golden Eagle of The Golden Eagles' Blog
Gracias Amigos for reading.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Random Photo Shoot

My sister :)


My puppy Charlotte's model pics

Another one :)

Me, working on one of my stories.

Haha, i loveth this one

My favorite :D

Pertyful outfit :*


Before it blew down in the storm.


Pretty outfit.

Awesome jewelry :)
Ok, so i have had the urge to take photos this week.
I still have the urge and continually take them, but I just felt like posting some of them.
Anyway hope you enjoyed them as much as i did taking them.
WoW I said "them" 4 times in 2 sentences..lolz

Thursday, June 3, 2010

An Awesome Giveaway :)

I know I just posted but I have an anouncement....
My friend Erin is having a giveaway on her blog.
She's giving away this beautiful neclace:
Just click here to go to Erin's blog to enter the giveaway. Good luck :D
Oh and don't forget to check out my last post.
Thanks all
-Cori :)

Apologies and Camp week :D

I'm so sorry i haven't posted in forever...again.
I've really been dropping the ball.
I know I've said this many times before but once more won't hurt anyone...I will try my hardest to post more often.
I'm going to start posting more pictures and treat my blog more like a journal of what I'm doing.

Here's and update on me:

Well, my cousin has just gotten out of school so we all went to camp.
No not like away from home, right here in my house.
Its been a tradition for about 3 years now that some week after my cousin got out of school we would have her over to our house for a week.
We set up a tent in our basement and spend time outside ( weather permitting of course )
We've been taking hikes ( walks in our neighborhood) every morning so far.
Camp ends on friday but to end the whole camp thing we are going to see a movie on Saturday.
I know its not much of a camp thing but I really want to see this movie ( Prince or Persia )
I'll let you know how the camp is going tomorrow.
I'll also post pics of it when I get the chance.
Thanks and sorry again.
-Cori :D