Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This is the Stuff by Francesca Battistelli- Music video made by me!! :D

Hey guys,
Recently, I created a YouTube account I've uploaded 3 videos in just 5 days time because its just so much fun to make these things!! Anyway, this is my latest video that I made yesterday with one of my friends Tiphanie!!  It was a lot of fun and even though the music video doesn't really have anything to do with the song I still like how it turned out. I was really frustrated at how hard it was to make a movie with music.With having to fit the videos just right into the music and, oh my gosh it took 3 tries to get it right but, I stuck with it and this is the result.
 The second part of me singing is a little off but, I think it happened during the upload process. Enjoy!! Please let me know what you think and don't forget to check out the other 2 videos I have on my YouTube channel

Oh and for you who won something in my giveaway: seriously guys do you not want your prizes? Its really discouraging to find out that more than half of you who signed up and won something up aren't claiming your prize. I thought I could count on you guys but, it seems you kind of let me down. You only have 2 more days to claim the prizes and I doubt that will happen. :(

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Photo Challenge!! :D

Mikayla: my life in words

Hey guys,
Ok so I logged into my account a little while ago to find a friendly comment from a girl named Mikayla telling me of a photo challenge she was hosting and gave me the URL so I could link up if I was interested. I was like "sure" and I went over to her blog. It looked nice and I was interested in joining some kind of photo challenge. I looked at what the topic was and it happened to be something very simple but, I knew the exact photo to link up with. The topic is "Something You Love" and what do I love? Well, my little puppy Charlotte of course. So, here is my photo for the photo challenge :D

Thank you very much Mikayla for letting me know about your photo challenge and I hope that you'll come back to my blog and perhaps follow it. I would love for you to be a part of my blog! :D
If any of you guys are interested in joining Mikayla's photo challenge just click on my button at the top of this post!
You guys only have until April 1st to contact me for your prize if you won something in my giveaway or I will have to chose new winners.
Thanks guys!!! :D
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Mistakenly Mixed Up....

Hey guys,
Here's another outfit post for ya!
Now, if you recall I had mentioned in this post that I was going to try my best to mix prints together.
Well, This is my first attempt and honestly I think it went perty well! It turned out cuter than I thought considering I just kinda threw it on. I didn't even have the intention to try the mixed print thing but, it happened and I was impressed ;)
So, anyway enjoy, and sorry about the first photo. It's a bit blurry :D

Striped Sweater

Bold Flower

and cute little polka-dot socks!

Sweater- Forever21
Pants- Forever21
Socks- Forever21
Shoes- Payless

Remember guys, for those of you who entered my Dreaming of Spring Giveaway you only have until the 1st of April to respond or I will have to chose new winners. I only have two of the 7 who signed up contact me...just sayin'

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Garden Dreams Giveaway at Ruche!! :D

Hey guys,
Ok so I always get excited about these giveaways even though I have NEVER won anything but, its just so fun and life's too short not to get excited about the silliest things wouldn't you agree?
Anywho, as you may have guessed Ruche is having another giveaway Here and they're giving away this ADORABLE clutch!! I absolutely love it and I can just see myself carrying it around with me in the spring and summer! Perhaps at Church!! So, if you want to go and check it out feel free!!

Oh, and before I forget please go to This blog post if you entered my Dreaming of Spring Giveaway!!
I only had one person comment thier email and 7 people have won something so, do the Math and you'll find that I still need 6 more of you to let me know that you still want your prize!! If you do not contact me before the 1st of next month ( April ) then I will have to draw for new winners!!
Thanks again guys!!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

and the Winners Are.... The Results of my Giveaway! Come on over if you entered!! :D

Hy guys, ok so I know this is what you all have been waiting for.....




And the winners of my Dreaming of Spring Giveaway are.....







Using 's Random number system..




 42  Hannah Rebekah Wins the necklace!!! Congrats!!

49  Julia wins the Cross Earrings!! Congrats!!

17  Anna Faith wins the Flower Clip!! Congrats!!

26  Destiny wins the Notebook and Clipboard set!! Congrats!!

 32 Bo wins the Window Clings!! Congrats!!

41  A Work in Progress wins the Stone Bird Photo Clip!! Congrats!!

and last but, not least...

47  Ali Holmes wins The Blue Butterfly Photo Clip!! Congrats!!

Thanks you SOOOOO Much to all of you for the support of my blog and its giveaway!!
I am very pleased with the results and I am glad that everything worked out better than I thought!!!
I love you all and remember that even though you may not have won, there will be more opportunities to win something in the future!! Thanks again all of you!!


If you see your name here as a winner than please comment with your email so that I can email you about what you've won and how the process will work!! I will not post the comment so your email stays safe!!

Thanks again!!

P.S the numbers before the names are what numbers showed up in the counter!! :D
I numbered the comments so the names could be chosen fairly!!
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finally! :D

Hey guys,
I know I just posted a little bit ago about this silly computer acting up but, FINALLY its working!! :D
You have no idea how HAPPY I am right now!
Its not like my life is on this computer because it certainly is not but, this blog is very important to me so, I am very grateful that it is up and running again!!
Since it just started working again the giveaway results will still be postponed for a little while but, until then enjoy this outfit that I personally love!! It just seems to keep the Spring spirit alive even though its rainy and dreary outside right now :p
Spring is certainly on its way though!! I wore this outfit on Friday. The weather was SO nice almost 60 degrees!! YAY!! Hopefully there will be another day like that in the future but, for now I shall still be dreaming and hoping :D
Enjoy guys, again sorry 'bout the long wait!! The results will be comin' soon!! I promise!! :D

Pants- Forever21
Head band- Claires
Necklace- Forever21

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Stupid Computer!! :p

Hey guys,
This is just a quick post but, Its been forever since I've posted :'(
Our computer has been acting up. We took it into the shop on Wednesday last week but, now its even worse so, in other words my giveaway results will have to wait until the computer is fixed.
So, please don't be mad and please forgive my computer's inexcusable behavior ;)
The giveaway is now closed but, the results will be posted soon :D
Thank you for your patience!! you guys rock!! :D

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trend Alert: Mixed Prints!!!

Trend Alert: Mixed Prints

Trend Alert: Mixed Prints by cbwriter15 featuring denim shorts

I'm not usually one to mix prints. I suppose it is because I prefer to go for a more 'safe' approach to fashion. But, I am unusually excited about this trend for the Spring and Summer. I have decided to get out of my comfort zone and mix some prints together. I particularly like the polka dot dress and the floral print shoes myself but, I will try to maybe mix tops and bottoms with different prints. Anyway, I hope you are as intrigued by this Trend as I am.
Thanks guys, don't forget to enter my Giveaway!!
Only 5 more days to enter!! :D

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cori's Q&A :D

Hey guys,
Ok so I don't how this will go over but, I really want to try something.
I love interviews and such like that and I don't know if there has been anything any of you wonderful readers have wanted to ask me. So, I have decided to have kind of a Q&A thing-y!
How it works:
( its pretty easy ) you'll just have to comment here your email, so I can email you for you to get my email, you can then email me a question. I know it sounds complicated but, I just don't feel comfortable giving out my email on my blog where everyone can see it. I won't post your email comment so it stays safe.

Then once you have emailed me a question I will post the question with your name ( and blog link if you wish) and I will then answer it.
I think this sounds really fun, I look forward to find out what you guys have wanted to know about me.

Please, keep the emails clean!
Thanks guys!!

Remember my Giveaway is still goin on Here

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stronger by Mandisa

Hey guys,
This is just a quick post today but, I've been wanting to post about this great new song by Mandisa.
Its really inspiring to me and I love it!! :D
I encourage you guys to really listen to the lyrics, it has a good message.
Hope you guys enjoy it!!
Thanks so much!!

Hope you guys got something out of that song like I did!
Don't forget to enter my giveaway going on until the 15th here !!

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sparks Fly...

Hey guys,
I am like SOOOO sorry I haven't posted in over a week, I've just let things get me busy and I haven't had any inspiration to post. Before I talk about my outfit I want to tell you guys how my giveaway is going.
I have 8 people entered which is great but, like I said in my giveaway post I need at least 15 people entered to have the giveaway. Which means I will be lengthening my giveaway date to the 15th instead of the 10th. I realize its mostly my fault that not enough people have entered by neglecting my blog but, remember I really need you followers to enter and share this giveaway!! I have over 70 followers so I know there are a few of you reading these posts and I'd really appreciate it if you would enter my giveaway. Its really simple to enter and I don't expect you to do all the things to get more entries but, I would REALLY appreciate it if you would at least enter!! Thanks.
Ok so on to my outfit:
I actually wore this a couple days ago but, I didn't post it then so I'm postin it now.
Its pretty simple but I pretty much love any outfit that I can wear a scarf with.
I also love this belt i got from express a little while ago and I love it!!

What I'm wearing:
Top- Forever 21
Scarf- Claire's
Belt- Express
Jeans- Aeropostale

Thanks to everyone who did enter my giveaway!!
Please, to everyone who didn't; I would really love it if you did enter Here!
I know I sound desperate but, I really want to have this giveaway  for you wonderful followers, and I really can't without meeting my goal of 15 people entering.
Thanks so much guys!! Sorry about the delay on the post!! :D

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