Friday, March 25, 2011

Mistakenly Mixed Up....

Hey guys,
Here's another outfit post for ya!
Now, if you recall I had mentioned in this post that I was going to try my best to mix prints together.
Well, This is my first attempt and honestly I think it went perty well! It turned out cuter than I thought considering I just kinda threw it on. I didn't even have the intention to try the mixed print thing but, it happened and I was impressed ;)
So, anyway enjoy, and sorry about the first photo. It's a bit blurry :D

Striped Sweater

Bold Flower

and cute little polka-dot socks!

Sweater- Forever21
Pants- Forever21
Socks- Forever21
Shoes- Payless

Remember guys, for those of you who entered my Dreaming of Spring Giveaway you only have until the 1st of April to respond or I will have to chose new winners. I only have two of the 7 who signed up contact me...just sayin'

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Bo said...

I love the striped sweater! It's so gorgeous. It reminds me of that song from Spongebob, "The best time to wear a striped all the timmmee." Haha Very, very cute outfit.

Kayla said...

Love how you pulled it off, it looks so cute!

Flaunt It said...

Fabulous are a great writer! I love your outfit...very cute!
OMG your home schooled? That is!!!
Keep up the awesome blogging....I think you have some really cool stuff on your blog!
Check out my blog...comment & follow?

hannah m said...

I adore your striped sweater. What a fun outfit!

Mikayla said...

I love flowers and stripes i'm scared I am going to wake up one day and they will be out of style and I will have nothing to wear... But for now I love them and they look great on you! You can't beat 99 cent socks from F21 ;)

I don't know if you're interested but I am hosting a photo challenge on my blog and I would love it if you checked it out: