Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finally! :D

Hey guys,
I know I just posted a little bit ago about this silly computer acting up but, FINALLY its working!! :D
You have no idea how HAPPY I am right now!
Its not like my life is on this computer because it certainly is not but, this blog is very important to me so, I am very grateful that it is up and running again!!
Since it just started working again the giveaway results will still be postponed for a little while but, until then enjoy this outfit that I personally love!! It just seems to keep the Spring spirit alive even though its rainy and dreary outside right now :p
Spring is certainly on its way though!! I wore this outfit on Friday. The weather was SO nice almost 60 degrees!! YAY!! Hopefully there will be another day like that in the future but, for now I shall still be dreaming and hoping :D
Enjoy guys, again sorry 'bout the long wait!! The results will be comin' soon!! I promise!! :D

Pants- Forever21
Head band- Claires
Necklace- Forever21

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Sereina said...

I love the flower print and the owl necklace. Super cute!

I'd like to say thank you for the comment you left on my blog. I really appreciate it!

Eldarwen said...

Omigosh what a cute outfit, Cori!! LOVE IT!! <3


Miss Gwenea said...

I love your outfit! I am coveting that shirt...

Bo said...

No worries!! :o) Everything happens for a reason.

I love the outfit! Especially the necklace..

Abby said...

I'm glad you got your computer up and running again... it's always annoying when they act up. :P

You look so pretty in that outfit! I love owl necklaces.

Abby :D

Katherine said...

Just found your blog - love it - glad your computer is working well now, it can be a pain can't it?

Loooove your owl necklace - i have one just like it..soo cool :)

K xx


ChiccaStyle said...

Love the entire outfit, you look great and your blouse is amazing!!!

Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

SUPER cute outfit girl! I love your style. I'm more of a lifestyle blogger, but I'm perusing fashion blogs at the moment - I'm going to start incorporating outfit posts into my own blog! Yaay!

Hope you have a great evening girl!

Kayla said...

You are SOOOO pretty! i love that owl necklace, the shoes, EVERYTHING!