Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sparks Fly...

Hey guys,
I am like SOOOO sorry I haven't posted in over a week, I've just let things get me busy and I haven't had any inspiration to post. Before I talk about my outfit I want to tell you guys how my giveaway is going.
I have 8 people entered which is great but, like I said in my giveaway post I need at least 15 people entered to have the giveaway. Which means I will be lengthening my giveaway date to the 15th instead of the 10th. I realize its mostly my fault that not enough people have entered by neglecting my blog but, remember I really need you followers to enter and share this giveaway!! I have over 70 followers so I know there are a few of you reading these posts and I'd really appreciate it if you would enter my giveaway. Its really simple to enter and I don't expect you to do all the things to get more entries but, I would REALLY appreciate it if you would at least enter!! Thanks.
Ok so on to my outfit:
I actually wore this a couple days ago but, I didn't post it then so I'm postin it now.
Its pretty simple but I pretty much love any outfit that I can wear a scarf with.
I also love this belt i got from express a little while ago and I love it!!

What I'm wearing:
Top- Forever 21
Scarf- Claire's
Belt- Express
Jeans- Aeropostale

Thanks to everyone who did enter my giveaway!!
Please, to everyone who didn't; I would really love it if you did enter Here!
I know I sound desperate but, I really want to have this giveaway  for you wonderful followers, and I really can't without meeting my goal of 15 people entering.
Thanks so much guys!! Sorry about the delay on the post!! :D

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Ali Holmes said...

Actually you have 10 people entered now! :D

Bo said...

I LOVE that belt! Great outfit :)