Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cori's Q&A :D

Hey guys,
Ok so I don't how this will go over but, I really want to try something.
I love interviews and such like that and I don't know if there has been anything any of you wonderful readers have wanted to ask me. So, I have decided to have kind of a Q&A thing-y!
How it works:
( its pretty easy ) you'll just have to comment here your email, so I can email you for you to get my email, you can then email me a question. I know it sounds complicated but, I just don't feel comfortable giving out my email on my blog where everyone can see it. I won't post your email comment so it stays safe.

Then once you have emailed me a question I will post the question with your name ( and blog link if you wish) and I will then answer it.
I think this sounds really fun, I look forward to find out what you guys have wanted to know about me.

Please, keep the emails clean!
Thanks guys!!

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