Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An ADORABLE Kitty Video ( must see )

One of my friends on Facebook posted this video and I just had to find it on youtube and show it to ya'll.
It is incredibly adorable I laughed so hard when I saw it.
Enjoy :)

Thanks fer readin'
-Cori :D


The Golden Eagle said...

LOL, that's funny! :D

marvelousme said...

That's really cute!

Bo said...

Haha that made me laugh a lot! :D I love it. Your blog is awesome too! I'll follow you :) You should follow back!

God bless!

Cori said...

The Golden Eagle and marvelousme: I know, its sooooo cute and hilarious.
Bo: thanks I checked out yours and I really like it..I follow it :D

Meghan and Molly said...

Yes, I got a BIG kick out of this one too.
Hilarious Cori (: Love the video from the 20th second to the 30th, and the 50th second to the 60th, AND from 1 min. to one minute and ten seconds, ANNNND from one sixtenn to the end!...basically the whole thing (: