Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'd Be Happy to Fill You 1

Hey y'all,
Ok so I would like to share my day with you
This is the first day that I am doing this, if anyone is interested in doing this too than feel free to do it, just make sure you save the pictures to go with your post.
I am going to be doing this anytime I feel like it, do so as you want.
Hope you enjoy my idea..tee hee
Here I goeth:

First my family went to church for the morning service.
My youth group and I got to present a check to our church in front of everyone and guess who was nominated to tell everyone in the congregation about what we had decided to do for God?
Yup, me..haha
I wasn't too nervous about it at first but once I got up there I was a little.
But I made it through with God by my side.
I was really glad to be a part of that.

Second, usually we have church youth group at 6 on Sunday nights but instead we had volunteered to work at a local soup kitchen with our friends at thier church.
I had a really good time and it felt great to serve the people.
They were super nice and I had so much fun.

Third, haven't gotten that far yet..haha but the day is almost over.
For me anyway, I cannot stay up past 10, I crash, then wake up early.
Its awfully weird but i'm cool with it..lolz.

Anyway, thanks for reading, my fellow computer lovers..hee hee
Love your pal,
Cori :D

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