Saturday, January 22, 2011

What's Different and A Slumber Party!! :D

Hey everyone,
Ok so not many people commented on what they think is different about my blog :( so I figured i might as well just tell you.....
I changed my blog's name! It is and will be " No Such Thing As Normal"
Its a phrase ( for some reason ) I happen to say a lot and I think it fits very nicely.
I hope you all agree.

Ok so, on another note:
One of my bestest fwends Bri and I had a slumber party last night at her house.
We had a blast last night giving each other blindfolded makeovers, eating junk food, drinking pop, staying up till 1:00 am. and making this HILARIOUS Parody video of Justin Bieber's song Baby.
It looks great but for some reason Bri's computer wont let us upload it but, if we ever get to upload it I will surely share it with you on here.
And now please enjoy these photos of our blind folded makeovers on each other.
CAUTION: these may be disturbing to some viewers ;) lolz

Bri's makeover by me :D

My makeover by Bri :p

Us together :p
Ok so I hope no one was too frightened by those.
It just goes to show you that too much makeup ( done horribly) is NOT a good idea.
Hehe, anyway Thanks so much for reading!
-Cori :D

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Holly said...

I noticed your blog's new name, but I just didn't comment...sorry. Btw, those are some makeovers! Lol!