Friday, February 25, 2011

Trend Alert: Lace Up

Sorry about the misunderstanding of that last post.
For some reason when I had finished creating this collage it automatically posted it here on my blog.
Anywho, here's another post of my Trend Alerts.
I love lace  and its a must-have this Spring. You can find it on just about everything from Tops to Skirts and everything in between. I personally prefer the light pinks my self but, the black lace is lovely just the same!!

Thanks guys, oh and don't forget to enter my giveaway going on right now.
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Jennifer said...

I am really excited about this new trend. I've always loved lace! Cute blog girlie!

♥ Destiny ♥ said...

CUTE! By the way, about that comment that you left on my blog... I actually AM following you. I can see why you didn't know, but I am that dezzylou person. I will follow you from my twitter acount as well though!