Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Two Quick Announcements!!! Please Read!! :D

Hey Guys,
Just a couple quick announcements!!!

First, I now have a Facebook fan page for my blog.
Since Facbook's become SO popular I figured most of you have an account so if you do it would be sweet if you look up "No Such Thing As Normal ( Cori's Blog ) next time you happen to be on.
Or you can just scroll down to the widget I have so you can easily like my page.
Oh, and when your on Facebook don't forget to look me up as well, I would love to friend you!!

Second, I have collected all the things I will be giving away  ( yes I meant it when I said I was going to have a giveaway one of these days ). I can't tell you what I will be giving away and when but, just know that it will be soon. I hope all of you will check back in from time to time to make sure you don't miss the Awesome giveaway!!

Thanks guys!!!
-Cori :D


Rae B said...

Really cool!! =)

Hannah said...

I can't wait for the giveaway!

Eldarwen said...

I don't have a Facebook, but I hope you get lots of followers! ;)

Also, can't wait to see what you're giving away. ^_^


samarah said...

Getting a twitter page is another idea to get more followers and such. I don't have a facebook but I'm on twitter. A lot of other bloggers are on twitter too :)

just an idea!

much love,