Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Father Daughter Retreat.

I had to post this one, it just so cool :)
This Chapel they had in the middle of the woods had the prettiest stain glass windows.

Here's the entrance to the Chapel.

At the gardens they had a butterfly house, here's a monarch.

This was awesome, the butterflies were coming out of thier chrysalis'

Drinking tea

My dad and I at the tea party :)
The food was great.

The Botkin girl's speaking at one of the sessions.

Us at the picnic.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
The whole retreat was at a place called Callaway Gardens.
It was gorgeous there and I had so much fun with my daddy.
The retreat was through Vision Forum Ministries.
Thanks for reading.
Cori :)


fallenleaf said...

that is so cool!!! the butterfly house must have been pretty :)

miss m said...

Looks like you had an awesome time.

The Golden Eagle said...

Those are really nice windows! I like how it looks like they're all cut into jagged pieces and have been assembled.