Monday, November 1, 2010

Autumn Fun :)

Well, i have not recently posted anything interesting and I figured I would today.
I don't know if very many of you celebrate Halloween, I don't exactly either, but we do go to our Aunt and Uncle's every year and have sloppy Joe's ( its a tradition) and we give out candy to trick-or-treaters.
But this year we also went to one of our Church friend's house for a costume party and scavenger hunt.
And, even before that we went on a field trip with our Church Youth Group to a local orchard, that was much fun as well.
Also on the same night we went to something called "cosmic bowling" its bowling with black lights, music and pizza.

We had loads of fun with each event and I'd like to share some photos from them with you.
Orchard and Bowling first:

Halloween Costume Party and Scavenger Hunt:

Thanks For reading.
-Cori :D


Eldarwen said...

Looks like you had fun! I love how you did your hair, Cori!! :D

We don't really celebrate Halloween, but we always watch a movie as a family and eat candy. lol :D Well, except for this year. :) My sisters and I just watched a movie together and ate some Reeses!


Cori said...

Thanks Eldarwen,
and yeah, thats mostly what we do for Halloween as well :)

SammySleuth said...

lol, Nice pictures of me. :) haha :D jk. Fall is a great season. It is always full of fun stuff. :) (Christmas in 50 days!!) heehee

Sharayah said...

hey :) i posted your blog button on my blog