Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Birthday Count Down- 5 DAYS LEFT !!!!

Ok so I'm sorry I missed another day of this but its perty hard to post once a day, I think every other day is better.

But, since I've started this, I will finish it.

5 DAYS Left!!
I will post 2 pics since i missed a day
and 2 random facts about me....
I love to dress up, even if its just a normal day, if I didn't care about looking silly I would dress up everyday. But I don't think it makes sense to dress up to go to the grocery store..hehe
I want sooooooooooo bad to drive, I'm not afraid at all, but classes cost money so, it shall depend on what the future holds for me.
Thanks for reading, have a fantabulous day.
-Cori :D


Eldarwen said...

Awesome!! :D Love the pictures. You're so pretty! :)

SammySleuth said...

I love that picture of you and Nikki. Lucy is getting really excited to see him next week! :)

Cori said...

Eldarwen- Aww, thanks, you perty yourself :)

Sammy- I know isn't it cute, and Nikki is excited about it too, though Charlotte isn't too sure yet. :) lolz