Sunday, September 5, 2010


Ok so I have an announcement,
My Birthday is in 9 days!!
I am super excited, I'm having a birthday party on the 12th though, so two days before my birthday.
Anywho, I wanted to start this yesterday but I forgot so I will start today.
so, I decided everyday I will have a countdown along with a fact that hopefully not many of you know about me. Plus I will post a picture of myself that I ust found in our photo files.

So today is 9 DAYS!

since I missed yesterday I will post two facts:

1. I am in 9th grade and in the Church youth group, but sometimes I volunteer to help with the sunday school and kids classes cuz I miss it..lolz :)

2. I love to write fantasy stories, but I decided to start writing not so intense and funny stories and found them to be easier to write. Could it be because I'm a bit crazy and funny myself? Hm..hehe.

Hope you didn't know that about me yet.

Thanks for reading, I will post another fact tomorrow :)
-An Excited Cori :)

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