Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Please, Comment :)

Hi everyone,
Ok so I want to bring something up, I have noticed that no one has posted any comments on either my last post or the one before that.
I have to say I'm a bit troubled by this.
I know you may think it silly but I just want to know if any of you are actually reading them.
Please, please comment on this post letting me know that you are reading.
I would really appreciate it.
Thank you to all who read ( if you are at all)
-Cori :)


Abby said...

I'm sorry! I will make sure to comment more.

Abby :D

The Golden Eagle said...

I read your blog! :) Sorry about not commenting more. I should, since I do love this blog.

Rachel B said...

I do read!!


Maryo said...

Hi my name is Mario and although I don't usually read your blog because It's summer now I have more time to do so.
I like your blog by the diversity of issues...
And if I can I will intent to comment whenever possible.

Amanda said...

I'm reading! :)

Amanda said...

I read you! :D

marvelousme said...

Well, here's one girl you can check off your list of blog readers. I check it every day. And, btb, welcome to my world. A world of few followers, and less comments. It's lonely here.... :(

Cori said...

Thank you soooo much to everyone :)
I feel special..haha
I was just making sure everyone enjoyed my posts.
Thanks again for you wonderful support.

SammySleuth said...

I do read your blog Cori! And I try to post as often as I can. I go our your blog ALL the time! Yours is SO much nicer than mine!

Cori said...

That's sweet Sammy :)
and I love ur blog, its awesome!