Sunday, August 8, 2010


Ok so I know I've pretty much deserted this blog. But I have a very reasonable explanation.
This week in the county in which I live we had a fair. We have for as long as I can remember and I always have a blast. This year seemed especially fun though hehe :)
I had an amazing slushy every day there and hung out with my besties.
Here are some photos I took during the fair week :)

My friend Corey and I ( yes he has the same name as me)

My bestie Tiph and I :)

My fellow 4-H club member playing drums in his band.

His brother playing base guitar in that same band.
The whole band playing.

My sister's airbrush tattoo :) it was awesome!

My airbrush tattoo :)

Me feeding a butterfly :) that was fun!

Another one of my besties Bri with her balloon dart prize :)

Not sure why I posted this, I thought it was cool :) hehe
Anyway hope you enjoyed them. I had soooo much fun and can't wait till next year's.
Have a good week :)


Hannah said...

haha Cori I have the same exact green plaid shirt as you! :)

marvelousme said...

OMG. Did Z get his hair cut? OMG!!!!!!!!!!

Eldarwen said...

Awesome!! That looks like fun! It's always great to hang with your "besties"! ;)

Cori said...

Hannah-Haha thats cool :) I luv that shirt
Marvelousme- yeah he did, it looks sooo much better :D
Eldarwen- It was a blast.
Thanks everyone for your friendly comments.