Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Loooooooong Awaited Photos! 15th Birthday-2010

Dear Blogger Friends,
I am terribly sorry for the LOOOOOOONG wait on these photos.
I just hate how long it takes to download them ( well my dad usually does it) but still I don't like it. Especially if you take so many! This isn't even all of them either.
So here they are, my birthday party photos from September 12th * sorry*

Our scores for one of the laser tag games.
Julia, Sorry its so blurry
Bri and Faith
BFF Tiph
Sammy :D
I luv our expressions :p
ZAPZONE Laser Tagging!
Such a lovely cupcake, and lovely voices singing Happy Birthday!
heheh! He didn't even give me a chance to finish my bit of pizza

My adorable cupcakes, which tasted even better than they look!

Well, again I am terribly sorry for the wait, I hope you can find a way to forgive me, Thanks so much for reading.




Eldarwen said...

Awesome!! Looks like you had tons of fun, Cori!!! :D

SammySleuth said...

Awesome pictures!!!! It was so much fun! Thanks again for inviting me!!! :) ~Sammy

Sereina said...

Awesome! Those cupcakes look tasty!