Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Blog :)

I really like the way my Blog has turned out.
I have about 11 people following my blog right now and I really want to get more people to check out my blog.
I have been putting a bunch of new things on my blog like the mixpod and other fun gadgets.
The point of this post?
Well I would love if everyone could post a comment saying what they think I should add to my blog.
It could be a gadget for the side bar or a special post or interview.
Anything you think you would like to see on my blog.
( with in reason please )
P.S Also I'm sure you all have lots of friends so it would be so awesome if you could tell your friends about my blog.
Thanks a bunch :D
-Cori :)


~Miss Zara~ said...

Do you want to be penpals

Maggie said...

Hey Cori!

Here are some ways to get the word out about your blog:

1. By having a give away

2. Blog buttons! (I love them!)

3. Interveiws and guest posting on other blogs.

Hope that helps!


Cori said...

The give away idea is great...I think I might do that :)
What is a blog button? sounds pretty cool.
Thanks :D