Sunday, December 20, 2009

Finally :)

I finally got my dad to download the pictures on to the computer. So here they are. Sorry it took soooo long. Here's what's in it : An adorable snowman mug, mitten ornaments 2, suger cookie flavored chapstick, sparkly snowflake neclace ( it is actually so pretty I almost kept it ), mini silver nail polish and mini blue nail polish. I hope all of you will sign up. You don't have to pay for anything. Just comment a little hi bye and your email adress so I can contact you if you win the drawing. It would also be great if you are a visitor if you could follow my blog. I am still hoping to get 22 or more followers for my blog. Thanks so much guys.
P.S Like I said before I will try to film the drawing but if I can't I promise I will draw fairly.
( I can only ship in the U.S )


Luci said...

Hi Cori,

Can I enter this here? I already am a follower of your blog--yay! But, these are SO cute! Is this all I have to do to enter?

Thanks for hosting the giveaway!!
In Christ,

Luci said...

p.s. (my e-mail is

SammySleuth said...

I know I already signed up, but I just wanted to tell you how cool the prize is!

Cori said...

Hey Luci,
Thanks for signing up for my give away.
I looked at my follower list and you don't show up. I hope that's not a problem.
Thanks again.

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Hey! I want to sign up! I don't have e-mail though. :(

Luci said...

Hi Cori,

Oh, okay. But I'm there! I'm the black-and-white photo with the cat. It says "Lucia Morud," and it has a lil google sign on it. =) My picture/name is different because I used my gmail account to follow your blog. So, yep!

When do you announce the winner? =)

In Christ,
Luci, a.k.a. Lucia

Cori said...

Bleah : You don't have to have an email, I just said that because if you win I need to be able to contact you.
I could just tell you if you do win.
Luci: Oh yeah I see ya...thanks, I will announce the winner at the end of the year.
But if I don't have enough people signed up than I will have to wait a little while.
Not too long though.
Thanks :)

Eldarwen said...

Is it too late to enter?!?!

Just in case it's not too late, here's my e-mail:

I don't care if you publish this comment with my e-mail address in it, go ahead. :)


Cori said...

i'm glad you signed up actually because I needed more people to sign up.
I will put you in.
Thanks Eldarwen :)