Thursday, December 10, 2009

What you have been waiting for...

OK so I don't have it yet but I decided that I am going to give away...
Drum roll please.........
A Christmas/Winter goody bag type thing.
It will probably have an ornament in it and maybe some fun game things.
Stuff like that.
Hope you all like the idea.
You can now start signing up for the give away.
I need you to post a comment with your email so I can contact you if you win.
Thanks so much.
Oh and I know what you are thinking.
I thought she was only going to have a give away if 22 people follow her blog?
Well I thought about it and for every post or button or something like that you put on your blog I will put your name in my box so you have more of a chance of winning.
Oh and if you do something like that post a comment letting me know you did.
Thanks again guys.
P.S I will post a pic of the goody bag when I get it finished.

With Christmas cheer,


Brooke said...

LOVE your blog! It's very cute!!! Thanks for following my blog! Really like yours, please feel free to email me! Just got to my blogger profile and hit email! Thanks!

Sharayah said...

Your blog is the best so far, Cori! I'm Sharayah and I just followed you. I'd LOVE it if you followed me back! Well I usually can't give away my Email, I would give it to you but everyone else could read it.

Cori said...

Hi, and thanks I luv to blog.
Hey I tried to follow your blog but there wasn't a follow button. Let me know if there is another way to do it. :)