Tuesday, December 22, 2009

YAY!!! MY Second Award

I got tagged again for an award :)
Thanks so much Bleah :)
So Here's what to do:
Thanks the person who gave you the award in your post.
Save the picture and post it on your blog,
Tag 7 people to recieve the award
notify them with a comment on thier blog.
and tell your readers 7 things they may not know about you.
Here it goes:
1. I have played the violin for about 4 years.
2. I have a half brother that I have never met before..
3. I am crazy for candy :)
4. I have one of the most arogant cat's ever. ( at least I think so )
5. I have sent over 2,000 texts in about 3 months :) ( good thing I have free texting lol )
6. I am not commpetative at all.
7. My favorite place to shop for clothes is Old Navy.
Here are th people I am going to tag:
Coolmonkey ( Abby )
Chris in FL
P.S I have reached my goal yayayayaya I have 22 followers now.
Thanks for your support everyone.


Viva La Fashion said...

i text sooo much. i hear you about the unlimited texting. :D

Brooke said...

Thank you SOOOO much Cori!!! I'll post it sometime soon!! ;)

Luci said...

Hey Cori,

Neat blog award! I love the tag. =) Congratulations on your followers!! =)

In Christ,

Cori said...

You're welcome Brooke.
Thanks Luci. :D

Sharayah said...

Yay! Thanks soooo much for tagging me! Now, I am new to Blogger and will juuuust have to figure out how to do this, okay? But thanks!

Cori said...

All u have to do is click onthe pic and save it to a file on your computer.
Then post it as a pic with your post, then post it to your side bar.
Its pretty easy, and your welcome.