Friday, January 1, 2010

HAPPY 2010!!!!!!

I hope you all had a great night and early morning.
I had a great time with my family.
My mom, dad, sis and I all went to our aunt and uncle's for New Year's eve.
I had a lot of fun playing the wii with my cousin and just hanging out with my family.
I have pictures but I haven't downloaded them yet so when I do than I will post them.
There are some really fuuny ones :)
Anyway thanks guys and may this be another wonderful year.
P.S Ok so I know you all are porbably wondering: Its Jan. 1st is she going to do the drawing.
Well to answer your question... I will probably in a few days. I want to be able to get everything ready and possibly film it and everything. So for everyone who signed up I'm really sorry for the delay. I promise though there will be a drawing. Remember if you win I will need a way to contact you so if you get and email from: than you either won or are getting a notice saying : Thanks for signing up for my give away, sorry you didn't win the drawing but there is always another time. I probably wont be doing another one for a while. Thanks again for your support. Please continue to follow my posts.
Thanks guys for your understanding


~Miss Zara~ said...


~Miss Zara~ said...

did u get my comment?

Cori said...

Sorry Miss Zara for not answering earlier.
I probably wont be able to.
I'm really sorry :)
Thanks you for the offer though :)

~Miss Zara~ said...

Thats okay I understand I am looking for a penpal still search I guess!!!

Brooke said...

Hey Happy New Year to you, yoo!!!! I awarded you on my blog!!