Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Little Pepper :)

I don't post much about AG stuff..but I had to post this little guy.
He is so cute :) He's Pepper the newest AG pet.
Well that's all. :)
Thanks :)
Oh and I have a poll up so if everyone could vote that would be awesome.
I really like the way my blog is now but I think it needs more so if your have any ideas please feel free to post them as a comment. I would love to hear them.


***Emily*** said...

I made some newer versions of the button... www.thelandofanarane.blogspot.com

I hope you like them, I took the stems off of the flowers. Its okay if you still aren't 100% in love with the button.

In Christ,

Morgan said...

Hi Cori!
Thanks for following my blog! I'm following yours now, too! Who is in your profile picture with you (I can't tell - it's too small haha)?? Looks like some band...
Have a great day! ♥

Sharayah and Cara. said...

dear cori,
Can you please follow this blog we will follow you back ok:P.
So here is the blog address
thanks hope you like this