Friday, February 19, 2010

A Fashionable Tag :)

Here's a cool tag from Bleah :)
Here I go:

1. Skinny jeans or flare jeans?: Skinny

2. Do you like graphic tees?: Luv 'em

3. What are your favorite stores?: Aeropostale, Old Navy, Justice ( sometimes ) Wet Seal

4. Do you prefer the Preppy look or Gothic look?: Not sure, definitely not goth.

5. The Mall or the thrift store?: MALL!!!! :D

6. Do you wear makeup?: Not all the time, but I do.

7. What is your style like?: Well, kind of in between happy and colorful and sophisticated

8. Do you wear designer clothes?:

9. What type of shoes are you addicted to?: Right now ugg boots. Its winter so...

10. Do you like dresses?: They're ok.

11. What type of plaid do you prefer?: ????????

I tag:


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