Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tagged by FallenLeaf

I got tagged by FallenLeaf:

List 5 things that make you happy:

1. My puppy Charlotte.

2. Bounce Mania ( last post )

3. Rainy Days in the summer.

4. Doing stuff with my friends.

5. Annoying people when they call me weird or some other name by saying thank you. Luv it :p

List 5 of you favorite Christian Artists:

1. Britt Nicole

2. Toby Mac

3. Tenth Avenue North

4. Francessca Battistelli

5. SuperChick

List 3 of you favorite animals:

1. Dogs :)

2. Hamsters

3. Cats

Thanks FallenLeaf

I tag:

-Cori :)


Hannah said...

cori, how do you tag someone? i have a blog and it seems fun to do.
luv your blog! :)

Cori said...

Thanks for following my blog by the way, well you just answer or make up your own questions then tag someone ( usaully followers ) then they answer those questions and so on. It is really fun to do. Oh, and I would luv to come swing by and check out your blog. let me know what the URL is. Thanks :)

!TAY! said...

Hey Cori! I'm tay and Im almost 14!
I love your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hers my blog: "FEARLESS"


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Thank you!!! You're tooooo sweeet.

Hey, I'm having an MP3 quiz on my blog, I had one last time and no one...AT ALL entered. So I was wondering if you'd be willing to try it out and maybe tell some people about it too. I understand if you don't want too, just wonderin'.

Can't wait to try this tag!

Love you, God Bless,
Bleah Briann

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Actually, this makes me sad actually. I have had a bunch of tags, and have more I'm due I don't want to overload my readers with tags. But...I will do it...eventually. I promise. But here are my answers if you're curious:

5 things that make you happy:

Rain on a tin roof

Fresh spring grash

Ice cold springs in the summer heat

Smiling faces


5 favorite christain bands:
relient k
between the trees
hawk nelson

3 favorite animals