Friday, February 5, 2010

I've seen this for a while and I've wanted to try it but I could never figure it out.
So here I go. The first post for "A Teen Girl's Day Book".
Date: 1/5/10
Starting time: 4:24
Mood: Happy
Outside my window: Wind blowing the little bit of snow on the ground away.
I'm think: About Dinner
I'm reading: Nothing
I'm listening to: Commercials on TLC
I'm wearing: A cute Cami over a long sleeve white shirt and jeans.
Yesterday I: Had my violin lesson and had a bible study with my friends.
I'm excited for: A daddy daughter dance tomorrow night.
I'm sad because: My throat is sore.
I'm hungry for: Chocolate ice cream.
The song stuck in my head is: Its your life. By Francessca Battistelli.
I want: The projector in our basement to work again.
I love: movies
I hate: Liars.
This week my goal is: I can't think of anything right now.
Did I meet my goal of last week? Yeah, I think so.
Ending time: 4:31
Hope I did it right. It was pretty fun. I think i'm going to do this every Friday.
Thanks for reading. :D


Rachel B said...

I sure find it relaxing filling it out :)

Now I want ice cream though..

Cori said...

Hahahaha :D I always want ice cream.